Elon Musk Says in Filing He May Engage in Twitter Strategy – The Wall Street Journal.

Elon Musk Says in Filing He May Engage in Twitter Strategy https://www.wsj.com/articles/elon-musk-says-in-filing-he-may-engage-in-twitter-strategy-11649687505

Tesla Inc. [US:TSLA] Chief Executive Elon Musk, who last week disclosed a roughly 9% stake in Twitter Inc. [US:TWTR], amended his regulatory filing to say that he owns the stake for investment purposes and may engage Twitter’s board.
Mr. Musk originally disclosed his stake in the company through a Schedule 13G filing, which suggested it was a passive stake and that Mr. Musk didn’t intend to influence the operations of the business. The filing had since been amended to a Schedule 13D.
The latest amendment to the filing says that Mr. Musk may “engage in discussions with the board” about strategic business decisions, operations, capital structure, governance, management and other matters. Mr. Musk may express his views to the board and the public through social media or other channels, the amendment said.

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