Price of Gas Fuels Fight at FedEx, Uber Over Who Will Pay – The Wall Street Journal.

Price of Gas Fuels Fight at FedEx, Uber Over Who Will Pay

By Paul Ziobro + and Preetika Rana 
Soaring gas prices are squeezing transportation businesses and setting off debates about who will foot the bill.
FedEx Corp. [US:FDX], Uber Technologies Inc. [US:UBER] and Lyft Inc. [US:LYFT] imposed new or higher fuel surcharges on customers after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocked energy markets. But local contractors who own the FedEx Ground delivery trucks and some U.S. drivers of the ride-share services are pleading with the companies for even more financial help.
“Everywhere you look is just expenses, expenses, expenses,” said Melnik Lyudmila, a 51-year-old who quit driving for Uber [US:UBER] and Lyft last month. The companies have tapered the big bonuses they handed to drivers at the height of a labor shortage last year, so she said the hours she spends behind the wheel aren’t worth the payout. Ms. Lyudmila, who has driven for the companies in New York City since 2016, is looking for other jobs as she waits for gas prices to fall.

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