Fleeing Putin, Thousands of Educated Russians Move Abroad – The Wall Street Journal.

Fleeing Putin, Thousands of Educated Russians Move Abroad https://www.wsj.com/articles/fleeing-putin-thousands-of-educated-russians-are-moving-abroad-11649583003

By Georgi Kantchev +, Evan Gershkovich + and Yuliya Chernova + | Photographs by Yulia Grigoryants for The Wall Street Journal
Hundreds of thousands of professional workers, many of them young, have left Russia since it invaded Ukraine, accelerating an exodus of business talent and further threatening an economy targeted by Western sanctions.
Those leaving the country include tech workers, scientists, bankers, and doctors, according to surveys, economists, and interviews with emigrants. They are departing for countries including Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey. More are expected to follow.
A mid-March survey by OK Russians, a nonprofit helping people leave the country, estimated that around 300,000 workers had departed since the war started in late February. While precise counts of the number of people leaving Russia aren’t available, some economists have reached similar conclusions about the scale of the outflow. Around 500,000 people left Russia in 2020, according to Rosstat, Russia’s statistics agency.

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