‘We Will Kill You’: How Russia Silenced Its Antiwar Movement – The Wall Street Journal.

‘We Will Kill You’: How Russia Silenced Its Antiwar Movement https://www.wsj.com/articles/we-will-kill-you-how-russia-silenced-its-antiwar-movement-11649237478

Alexander Teplyakov wanted to speak out against the war in Ukraine but feared landing in prison if he took part in a public protest. So the Russian activist designed an antiwar sticker featuring Russian and Ukrainian flags and the phrase “NO TO WAR” and posted and distributed thousands of them around Moscow.
He got into trouble anyway. Russian police hauled the 23-year-old into the Presnensky district police station on March 1, according to a copy of his police records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Teplyakov said he was repeatedly beaten over the head by one officer while in custody. A second officer pressed a pistol to his leg and coerced him into divulging the name of a fellow activist, he added.
“He starts screaming at me to start writing,” Mr. Teplyakov said in a telephone interview. He said the police officer threatened him, saying, “We will kill you right now.”

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