U.S.’s Military Strategy Juggles Russia Concerns, China Threat – The Wall Street Journal.

U.S.’s Military Strategy Juggles Russia Concerns, China Threat https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-administrations-military-strategy-juggles-russia-concerns-china-threat-11647872415

By Gordon Lubold +, David S. Cloud + and Lindsay Wise 
WASHINGTON—The U.S. plans to boost military spending and increase its military presence near Russia in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine while trying to maintain a long-term focus on countering China, current and former officials said.
The Feb. 24 invasion has triggered calls from Republicans and Democrats in Congress for tens of billions more in defense spending, while allies in Europe have described the war as a wake-up call requiring military steps unthinkable only months ago. The Biden administration, however, is seeking to balance what it sees as a pivotal moment for Europe with a desire to keep the U.S. focused on Asia.
“I think it’s a 9/11 event for Europe,” said a senior Pentagon official, who added that while the Pentagon will respond accordingly to what those countries need, the main focus remains on countering Beijing. “I think there is room to enhance our posture alongside our allies in Europe without it being this huge sucking sound that prevents us from being able to focus on China.”

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